Today, our cleaning lady came by for the first time. Now that both Koen and I work full-time again, I've decided it's worth it to invest in a cleaning lady. And because I wasn't sure who to go with we now have two companies. One comes once a month (they're a wee bit expensive) and the others come once every two weeks (the cheaper ones). At least this way no matter what the house gets a thorough cleaning every so often.

Except that now our vacuumcleaner has died apparently... anybody's got any recommendations? Bagless vs bags? Keep in mind I won't be using it since I hate the sound and I'd much rather use a brush. So this is for the cleaner and Koen's benefit. Maybe we should go with a Dyson, after all?

I've also gone and ordered a TV contract. We have freeview, but for the life of me can't figure out where our aerial is, and where we could put one if we'd get a new one and the current reception sucks. Same goes for a sattelite dish - we'd have to put it on the front since our house is built in on three sides, and I don't think the rental agency would really appreciate that. That basically left cable (or Virgin Media, in this country), which luckily isn't a problem since we already have those boxes installed. Except that apparently I'm too stupid to set up my own boxes (although they apparently do this to everybody), so now somebody's gonna drop by to flick the switches and install one lousy set-top box. On the bright side, Virgin might soon introduce TiVo, so who knows?

I realise it sounds kinda strange to say I miss tv, but what I really miss is the opportunity to not have to decide beforehand what it is I want to see, having to download it and then watch it. Which wouldn't work now anyway, since our DVD player broke down. Also, when my colleagues discuss stuff like the Inbetweeners, X factors or what have you I am the odd one out at the watercooler, which is slightly annoying. Mind you, even when we have cable I still wouldn't watch X factor since it annoys the hell out of me. But at least it will allow me to ask if anybody has seen Strictly come dancind, or the latest ice-dancing competition. Oh yeah, I'll have Eurosport again, to indulge in figure skating!



Are you all expecting a post about tea? Too bad :) I just finished the Rooibos pattern from Colette Patterns and want to show off:

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Yesterday I redid a skirt I made last summer. It was already a bit on the big side and now it didn't hang right anymore. I took 4 cm out and it's great. Pictures will follow once it's been aired in Croatia.


May. 28th, 2010

Back at work with a host of medicines and two boxes of Kleenex. Just in case. Today's a nice enough day, but still windy. And my statistics procedure with Mplus didn't work out because I ran out of memory. I wasn't even running anything else at the time, I wasn't even here!

Luckily I got strawberries at the supermarket this morning, so that should sustain me until it's time to go home.

May. 26th, 2010

Somehow I'm feeling even worse than yesterday. This probably has something to do with the fact that my nose was all clogged up and my throat still hurts so breathing was a bit more of a challenge than usual. Also, it means I saw every hour pas on the alarm clock. I will repair to the sofa (or our bed) soon to see if I can get some more sleep after trying to open up my clogged nose. Also, how much slime can a person's head contain anyway?!

May. 25th, 2010

Sick at home. Blergh. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton and my throat feels like barbed wire went through it.

And we're going to...

Croatia! We booked our holiday today and decided we would go for a honeymoon after all. It'll be the most luxurious hotel I've been in ever, I think. I've stayed at the Hilton a couple of times, but they're a bit stuffy and none of those were next to the beach anyway. Being next to the beach AND having a pool is pretty awesome, in my book. Also, we're going to the hotel that was on my wanted-list but which I didn't include since it was so expensive. It's still expensive, but we decided to treat ourselves. I'm so looking forward to this! It's also an excuse to go shopping since I need a new bikini. The only one I had left is too big, so I guess a visit to the lingerie shop is in order.

Chillout - You'll be fine, just breathe

I wanted to share this song:

It's such an awesome song! I'm wishing I came across this earlier, honestly.

Mar. 2nd, 2010

First version of chapter 1: done. First version of chapter 7: still to write. All other first versions have been sent in for revisions already... some more then once, others not so much.

Behind on schedule: 5 days. Hm.


Marmer's cute

Things of good cheer:
- cats (and more specifically Marmer, since I can cuddle with him)
- snow (and not having to go anywhere, or rather canceling going anywhere)
- naps
- books
- start of second season of Cranford!
- music for life

Things to worry about:
- my grandmother isn't doing so well, but we did get to visit with her yesterday for quite a while.
- writing my thesis
- analysis
- setting a date for the defense


8am, and still tired. Although I didn't go to bed that late yesterday, I got early to check whether all my videos had rendered. You see, I was almost finished with everything for my experiment when my supervisor made an off-hand remark which sent me screaming into a corner. Screaming, in this case because re-rendering my videos was necessary and that's 6 videos which each take about 2 hours to render. There's just not enough time in a day to do so, especially not when the day has already reached 1pm. Luckily, juzah's computer is faster than mine, and is finishing up the last video fragment while I'm typing this.

It still caused me to cancel the first couple of participants though, so I can at least do one proper run-through, exchange the money so I have enough small money to pay my participants with, buy cookies and chips, and do number of other things that are still on the to-do list. My student also wants attention, so I had better take a print-out of his thesis to read while people are busy doing my experiment.

On the wedding front: we've narrowed the search to locations to 2 locations, so now we have to decide which it's to be. I like one better because it's just that bit more special, but it's also further away and juzah thinks this might be a problem. The other one is closer, but I'm a bit worried that the room might not be big enough to include a nice-sized dance-floor. The search for a wedding-dress is still going on, with the next shop-visit the 7th of november. The last visit did yield 2 dresses, but not really in the colour that I wanted. Also rings have been tried on, but there's one more shop I'd like to go to.